Join us in our Freeing Full Moon Reset Ceremony (Online) held on the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini with Sara & Camilla.

This beautiful Reset Ceremony will run for 1.5hrs long.


Sara will be taking you through a movement class to tap back into your inner power.

Full Moons are all about releasing. So through this movement and the full moon being in Gemini Sara wants you to tap into anything that you feel is holding you back and to truly feel with intention and connection. We will be shifting and releasing and breaking through barriers of self doubt, self beliefs and any fears you are holding on to. 

Sara will guide you through the movement to music to truly allow you to release and let go. 

Sara will then bring you back down to earth through a short heart felt yoga flow to ground you and calm the energy and so to prepare you for Camilla’s magical creation code activation.

Get ready to get out of your own way, to feel all the feelings, to release, to let go, to connect back to yourself and to journey through the void…. Soften into your love, expand into your power <3


After the deep release through movement, the body will be ready to receive the magical Creation Code Activation Sound Healing transmitting by Camilla. These sound activations via voice and electronic frequency (that will be specifically created for this event by Camilla) will go exactly where they are needed in the body, mind and spirit. Cleansing, shifting and activating what is necessary so that you may step forth with more space, power, clarity and inspiration into the last month of this transformative year! 


Particularly on this eclipse we will surrender fully, in harmony with the void, the space between, that the eclipse energy brings. Allowing the sounds to be the vehicle of effortlessness that guides us there. 


So although we may feel a little stuck in the head and fuzzy around this full moon energy, we must trust that it is all for a higher purpose, calling us inward to the great mystery. Dwelling here in trust, we align with the space which allows us to make great decisions and open to and see new opportunities when we return. Clarity is born from the void. The mind looses it grip and the nervous system breathes again.


This is the first Gemini eclipse in eight years: Gemini rules communication, mind and intellect and the nervous system. Making this a moment to bin old stale thoughts, put the past behind you and begin delighting in new ideas. 


And that’s only the beginning…


Keeping an open mind is key now. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has the power to bring your long-term vision into view, showing you little, actionable steps you can take right now to get closer to it. Immerse yourself in the present moment, open yourself to the freedom to explore alternatives, be ok with feeling feelings rather than just talking about them releasing the mind grip that the Gemini energy loves and ground yourself to soothe the nervous system/agitated energy this moon could bring up.


This moon is all about you taking back your power over your mind! It is also a Blue Moon so this is a time to think big with your workings and wishes, and blast through all limiting beliefs that transmit through your thoughts. 


If your feeling tired physically and of the struggle, anxious, restless, stuck, emotional and just feel like you need a reset this is it!


We are here to hold you in the wings of love and provide a compassionate space for the release of the old you! 


Ready for a new beginning? So are we


See you in the magic zone! 


Camilla & Sara x

A bit of info on Sara & Camilla:


Sara is over 700hrs + Registered Yoga Teacher, a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Dance & Movement teacher, a Buti Yoga Master Trainer and creator of Sambaddha Yoga - online studio and signature class, Reiki 2 & Sound Healing Practitioner.


Her interest in Yoga grew from her dance and fitness background. She has a strong passion in dancehall and has taught in Pineapple and Danceworks studios in central London.

She started her yoga journey through Buti Yoga which led her to explore other lineages to do her 200hr YTT in Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga in India. This has also led her to go back to India and train in Mandala Vinyasa with a Shamanic influence (she did this course twice) and Yin Yoga linked to Meridian Lines. She has also completed the 200hr hour with Buti Yoga.

Sara loves the release you get through that connection between dance and yoga and this inspired her to create Sambaddha Yoga which is a signature class that takes you on a journey through the elements using breath, movement, stillness and sound and will be guiding us through similar movements

Sara strongly believes in CONNECTION and SELF LOVE. 

Connection back to yourself and connection back to others will help you to love yourself and therefore vibrate on a higher frequency to help heal.

Instagram, Twitter - @sara_fakih & @sambaddhayoga

YouTube & Spotify - Sara Fakih


Camilla is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Soundhealer


A Cosmic Sound Creatrix, Live Electronic Performer and Creator of Creation Code Activation Sound Healing. Her time is spent hosting singing circles in Ibiza, transmitting group and personal creation code activations online, producing and writing music. 


She spun out into the world singing, dancing and performing from the beginning. Yet it is the music that captivated her as the years went on. Dancing fazed out and she picked up guitar age 25. Completely self-taught she started to write her songs. If you had to label it with a genre you could say she writes acoustic pop/folk. In 2018 she began her electronic music production journey. Electronic music being her first love. Living in Ibiza it all starts to make sense. She released her first electronic track this year and is now working on her first EP and focusing on rehearsals for her live performance, ready for when the world opens up again and we can dance! 


Music healed her from the inside out through depression and an eating disorder. She knows music is medicine. Sound is source. And when we tap back into that space between we receive exactly what we need. We touch home again. And we return revived for the next step, rooted in the freedom of presence and love.  


You can follow her journey on Instagram and YouTube: @camillasadaghna @camillacreatrix 


And connect her at:


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