The most recent workshop I did is below.

I have a few workshops coming up in the pipeline really soon - stay tuned.

Dancehall & Buti Yoga 

2.5hr Workshop

As a Master Trainer for BUTI Yoga - A practice which I am so very passionate about; I am even more excited to share this with you.....


2.5hrs of pure pure magic, information, knowledge, resources, love, passion, movement, connection and so much more....!

Dancehall is a culture and I’m lucky enough to have been able to have learnt off some amazing dancers. I have spent years learning & practicing & I am bringing this knowledge to share with you all of how I infuse dancehall in my own Buti practice & the importance of knowing the culture & history behind dancehall culture.

I will be sharing with you many other inspiring dancers & creators that I know personally to ones I’ve learnt from & from others who are inspiring & who I’d love to be able to do learn more from. This is to inspire you to follow some amazing dancers, creators & talent, so you can continue to learn.

Dancehall for me has always been such a huge passion & love of mine & by sharing it we spread the knowledge that has been passed on by learning from the source.

Infusing dancehall with my Buti yoga practice is something I personally find super powerful so here I am sharing it all with you on Sunday....

I cannot wait to dance, move and Buti with you all!


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